4 Reasons Why Customer Service Should Be Your Priority

Customer Service is instrumental in any business.

The customer needs to know that they are valued and that their thoughts/opinions matter. The customer should always walk away from an encounter with your business with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, and a feeling that their experience meant something bigger than just acquiring a product or service. Our customers drive our business success, so how should you treat your customers everytime? Kill them with kindness.


Customer Service can drive the success of your business for these reasons:

1) It is generally the only time your customer engages with your company face-to-face (for tech companies, that is).

If all your customer sees is an app or a website, they have little human interaction. When they call support staff, this is generally one of the only opportunities they will have to connect to the organization via human. Evoke connection, use that valuable time to demonstrate just how important the customer is to your business.

2) Drives a competitive advantage.

Strong customer service tactics could be what sets you and your competitors apart. At the end of the day, you're going to want to walk the extra mile to gain customers rather than lose them to a competitor for something as simple as customer service. You're going to get more bees with honey than vinegar right? Use that as your differentiating factor.

3) Generates more repeat customers, therefore more business activity.

If a customer approaches a company with some sort of issue and has a seamless experience getting it resolved, I would feel confident saying they will be back again. Not only does this lead to better publicity, but it will save your organization money because it costs less to maintain customers than to try and find new ones.

4) A positive customer service experience will amplify your reputation.

Walking Advertising? Word of mouth is one of the most valuable forms of marketing or advertising. Make you customer service experience so amazing that your customer wants to go and tell their closest friends about it. One positive experience can lead to three referrals, those three referrals with positive experiences quickly turns into nine referrals, so on and so forth. Not only does this drive more business activity, it creates a glowing image of your business to the public eye, something truly invaluable to any organization.

Take the time to solve your customer's issues and kill them with kindness.