Prepare Your Store For Mother's Day

One of the biggest retail holidays of the year is just around the corner. Make sure customers can find you and that they stay in your store.

It’s not surprising that Mother’s Day is one of the biggest retail holidays of the year (we love our mothers too). With that in mind, as a retail store you have an opportunity to catch customers as they’re leaving the office.

When I’m heading home on Friday, May 8th and realize I need to pick up a mother’s day gift, make sure your store is the first thing that comes up when I search “Mother’s Day gifts” in google. To that effect, Mediative just released some great tips on how you can optimize your web presence to make sure your store is found on the internet.

We want to add three items to the list that will help you keep visitors in-store and convert them to customers:

1. Ask Questions

It sounds simple but creating a personal connection will reflect the importance of the person your customer is buying for. Ask things like:
• Where is your mother from?

• What was the last nice thing you did for her?

• What types of things do you like to do together?

• Is there a moment in her life that stands out as particularly important?

These questions achieve two things; first, they are specific enough to be answerable (rather than just “tell me about your mom”); and second, you start with general questions to open the conversation and get progressively more personal so you don’t scare people off. This will allow you to help your customer find the perfect gift.

2. Make Mother’s day gifts easy to find.

Another straightforward tip: put the mother’s day products right in front of the door so your customer doesn’t have look for it. They may not have time to chat, in which case it should be easy for the them to recognize what they’re looking for.

3. Help them stay in your store

The last thing you want is a customer running out to top up their parking meter; best case, they’re flustered when they get back; worst case, they don’t come back. Instead, imagine the relief they feel when you can say “don’t worry about parking, we’ve got you covered.”
Use HotSpot Merchant Solution to top up your customer’s parking and protect them from tickets – peace of mind is worth quite a bit.

Now check out the Mediative article here to learn how to optimize your web presence and get found on the internet.