Supporting the Community and the Effects on your Business

The Intro

Local businesses have always been trailblazers in their support of local charities and in giving back to the communities that they care so deeply about. What is most interesting is that the charities they tend to support seem to directly reflect their brand personalities and core business values.

This raises the question: If the businesses support charities similar to their brands...

· Is there a noticeable impact due to the promotion of a charitable event?

· Do they reach new customers because of this?

· Do they bring in more traffic by supporting these charities? HotSpot noticed an interesting trend in the past week's data when comparing 15 different businesses across one city core.

The Example

We monitored 15 local restaurants of similar fashion in Fredericton, New Brunswick. In our sample week, a business was promoting a charity raising funds which sponsors underprivileged children to take lessons in the arts: dance, theatre, music, and art. This Charity closely aligns with their vision of being an artistic and authentic Maritime location. In this business, local artists’ works are routinely displayed and their paintings are sold with profits given to local artists and their supported charity for youth. This fundraising event is very closely aligned with their vision and, surprisingly, a very noticeable impact was recorded.

The Effects

HotSpot displayed this message, “While visiting, check out the Art Auction, help us raise funds for Kids-In-Need! Ends May 25th” alongside 30 other businesses.
Using our iBeacon network, it was noticed that this particular Restaurant had 2.5x as much in store traffic as the restaurant average for the week. This was noted without any other external forces playing into the conclusion (nearby events, other promotions, etc.).

HotSpot also recorded that in promoting the charity that particular week, the restaurant exhibited 2x as many new customers entering the business when compared to the average. This suggests that even though the restaurant was targeting the demographic it usually targeted, this charity event provided the needed exposer to attract more clients from that “ideal demographic.”


After making these observations we concluded that the restaurant had created an excellent campaign that not only promoted their contribution, but had a measurable increase in both traffic and new client exposure. This clearly shows what local businesses already know: giving a little can bring you a lot!

To learn more about how you can support this great charity initiative, visit today!

Lightbulb moment Image by Steven Depolo.