Amplify the voice of your customer

Amie knows that the success of her restaurant, the Vault 29, is directly effected by it’s reputation online. Her goal is to ensure that the content shared online provides the right messaging to create buzz while attracting new customers. With many social media and review sites, it takes Amie and her staff a considerable amount of time to update and monitor the content posted – but they make sure its done because they know how important it is in building a successful restaurant.

HotSpot’s Feedback Feature was built to save the merchants time, improve their online image and amplify the voices of their best customers. With a simple one-step set-up process, HotSpot helps Amie collect, manage and export positive customer reviews online. Upon leaving, the customer is asked to leave a review, letting Amie know how their experience was. This allows Amie to proactively respond to the review, measure in-store experiences and generate online content through real customer feedback.

Amie and her staff can continue to dedicate their time to the customer experience while having the best reviews automatically shared online.

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