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In the world of professional services, the priority is to ensure that the visiting client or customer has a memorable and seamless experience.

We've build out two different Parking Validation solutions to help make that happen.

Tap Beacons

HotSpot's Tap Beacons For Offices from HotSpot Merchant Solutions on Vimeo.

By having your visiting customers simply tap their phone on the beacon provided, you're able to instantly provide free parking. Choose how much parking is provided with each tap through our Business Dashboard while also viewing a timeline feed of the parking validation you've provided.

This beacon was designed with the merchant in mind. Sometimes, you may not know exactly when certain customers are going to visit your office. The Tap Beacon is your 'sidekick' to provide parking in unplanned situations.

Key Features:
  • Set a monthly parking validation budget
  • Select the length of parking your business provides to your customers
  • Reward your best customers with free parking
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Proximity Beacons

HotSpot's Proximity Beacons For Offices from HotSpot Merchant Solutions on Vimeo.

Designed to effortlessly provide parking validation, the proximity beacon will allow you to provide free parking to any of your clients (seeing that they use the parking app).

The proximity beacon is built for flexibility.

With the ability to create custom events, you can go as broad as providing every person who walks in your door with 30 minutes of free parking to as precise as free parking for everytime Joe Smith visits.

In many cases, professional services look to cover the parking for high-profile clients, executives and board members. With our ability to create mulitple custom events, we can help you provide the best experience to those visiting your office.

Key Features:
  • Automated parking validation for your best customers
  • Build custom parking events from your business dashboard
  • Make parking validation a seamless experience

"Show your customers that you really do value their time. It’s a small differentiation, but it can make a customer’s experience go from good to great." - Phillip Curley

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