Two Emerging Themes in the Parking Industry Today

Diving deeper into the parking industry. Lessons learned and themes noticed at the International Parking Institute‚Äôs annual conference. When we think of parking as a »

Dare to Dream with Data

In May, the HotSpot team had the privilege to attend the Canadian Open Data Summit, hosted in beautiful Saint John, NB. The conference brought together industry »

Pattern of Life Data Project

Pattern of Life Data Project Saint John, NB For Release: May 5th, 2016 Through the collaborative efforts of T4G, Cisco, HotSpot Merchant Solutions and Enterprise Saint »

The 411 on HotSpot's Beacon Technology

Beacons have played a major role in communication for a lot longer than we think. From lighthouses to radio signal towers, and guiders to illuminators, beacons »

What is the impact of Small Businesses on your downtown?

Happy Small Business Week! There are between 25 and 27 million small businesses in the U.S. that account for 60 to 80 percent of all »