New Brunswick's Newest Wonder Woman - HotSpot COO Erin Flood

This person once got on stage and sang with the guy from Great Big Sea; wasn't asked, just jumped up.

Let me introduce you to HotSpot’s COO Erin Flood.

People gravitate to Erin like bathing suits to a beach; if business is all about relationships, watch out Branson, Erin is coming for you.

Her magnetisms is actually what brought us together. Sitting next to Erin at the KIRA Awards in 2012 we spoke for well over an hour about the award, the companies, and business in general. I realized very quickly that I needed to do whatever it took to hire her - especially since I had no money to pay her.

Luckily for me Erin needed no convincing, her competitive nature and drive to achieve did more to convince her than my words ever could.

Since that day I get two statements at least once a week and I've answered them the same way since the day Erin started at HotSpot:

 1. Hiring Erin was easily most valuable thing you’ve done to date.

My answer: Unequivocally yes.

 2. What does Erin do exactly?

My answer: Everything.

Erin takes the vision and, with the team, communities, and customers, molds it into reality; she keeps me grounded in reality when I want to put blimps over a city to find parking spaces; she gives up everything else to help build a dream; she drives the company - I just get to help navigate.

I am thankful every day that I found Erin and got her on my team. The best part: since I hired her, I can take credit for all her success... Right?

I hope she doesn't see this.