Meet Robin Monks - Man of Mystery and HotSpot CIO

Robin got a bag of pistachios delivered one day by fedex, for free.

He is a wealth of information, from his deep and unique knowledge of Canadian coffee to his in depth knowledge on technical languages like drupal - much of the reason why he is such an asset to the team.

I owe all of the progress HotSpot has made to the team I represent. Next in the lineup for the HotSpot team is CIO Robin Monks.

Robin is Batman's utility belt for Hotspot. As a young company in a young sector we often find new technology, new software, new hardware, which can pose a challenge and an opportunity for our business. Robin only sees the opportunity.

When we have something new, something intriguingly odd or oddly intringuing, Robin always knows the answer - he is the technology whisperer. From international shipping laws when we began exporting our software, to legal nuances of partnership agreements, to his well of technical programming knowledge Robin leads the product from conception to customer delivery, education, support and retention.

One time he drove over an hour to bring me a tank of gas when I ran out.

Robin brings a laser focus to just making things work. It may sound simple or obvious but making things work is a surprisingly rare skill. Coming up with new ideas is fun. Putting those ideas into action and executing on them is difficult. I've been told though the truly rare skill is being able to execute on an idea and get it out the door on schedule - I wouldn't know because I'm lucky enough to have found Robin straight off the bat.

Anyone who has worked with a development team knows that being able to get an idea out the door on time is next to impossible and Robin consistently performs on that metric.

Everything that HotSpot has created today has Robin's fingerprint permanently etched into it and as a result we know that it will work not only from a technical perspective but from a usability and design standpoint as well. Robin’s infamous mantra: “HotSpot must continue to work if we all stop” speaks to his meticulous focus on providing simplicity for the end user. He is a man that works hard to ensure our highly technical product is something customers can just pick up and use.

You may have noticed a few funny, seemingly fake stories about Robin in this post - they are all true and there are many, many more. Robin truly is one of the most interesting, diverse, and entertaining people I've had the pleasure to know and work with. Comment below if you want more, or if you want to know how he got the pistachios because I don't know... Maybe he'll answer.