Lines, Dots and String

I think there is something to be said about the concept of lines vs dots.

The idea is no investor gives you money based off a meeting. No one should because, honestly, you could:

  • Run away and buy a Tiger
  • Do nothing with the money
  • Sell the company to your uncle or something

These are obviously extreme cases and exaggerated to worst case (except the second that one is the worst case) but, here's a question:

VC’s are easy actually because they get to watch companies grow, and have 6 months to a year to really understand a company. That’s a strong line! What about Angels, though?

Let’s assume you grasp the whole line vs dot approach and the need to constantly perform (DUH).

Alright, so Angels are people. People buy from their heart. People are buying into your idea. Buying into the fact that your view of the world, you grasp the goal, you can connect the dots, and you can pull yourself through the chaos.

Honestly, they think you’re a rope.

Rope is obviously the best metaphor. It’s a climb which makes sense but more than that, a rope is actually a whole bunch of little strings or lines.

My argument is, once you understand that you have to be a line and you actually want to be a rope the best way to become a rope is to team up with people.

  • Team Members: This is the obvious first step. Team members entwined in your business makes that rope thicker.
  • Advisors: Advisors with strong track records don’t just take their knowledge they string in their network.
  • Similar Products: Obviously your product is the best and you understand the one simple reason you will win the race in your market (you better). However, validation is huge! Similar products, similar solutions, different color string really.

Honestly, what your real goal is when you meet an angel is for that angel to be so entangled in your network that the only way they can possibly feel comfortable is to string along with you.