Complementing the customer experience through parking

Robert’s number one priority is to create an experience that his customers will never forget while visiting his high-end clothing boutique. Upon entering, his customers are served with a fresh cup of coffee. While they’re shopping, they receive genuine 1-on-1 personal assistance. From start to finish, Robert works to make sure that his clients have the best experience possible. This allows him to build strong customer relationships and provides the experience that will lead to retaining and gaining more customers.

Robert uses the HotSpot Parking Validation tool to pay for his customers parking, ensuring that his customers’ in-store experience is effortless.

HotSpot’s Validation tool was built with the customer and merchant in mind. As a retailer, Roberts priority is to have his employees engaging with customers at all times, HotSpot’s one-step setup process allows validation for customers to be automatic and hands-free.

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