HotSpot has a new name!

People are moving into cities looking for local, personal experiences; small businesses are popping up everywhere replacing chains and big box stores; very soon, if not already, our cities’ core is where people will go for personal experiences and personal connections in the real world.

To do our part in achieving this vision, to strengthen the city core, to strengthen small businesses we have partnered with Passport, an industry-leading mobile payments and parking solutions company. They provide their parking solutions to dozens of cities and tens of thousands of users. This breadth of experience means Passport is the best in the world at what they do.

For HotSpot it was an easy decision, partnership allows each company to do what it does best while providing more value to cities, users, and businesses. From now on we will focus on creating the best possible platform for local businesses, knowing that wherever we go, consumers will have one of the best parking solutions available.

We changed our name to reflect this new focus. Hope you like it.

Read the press release here and let us know what you think of the change. Tweet us at our new handle @HotSpotMerchant or reply to this post on our Facebook page.