HotSpot in Downtown Fredericton

Downtown Fredericton is both embracing and encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship in the city. Fredericton has set the bar high and aspired to become the new startup hub of the East Coast. The dreamers who reside with a vision to change the world are welcomed and provided the resources needed to flourish their ideas.

HotSpot Parking was born and bred in Fredericton over a year ago when they decided to turn the pain of parking into one of ease and convenience. They eliminated the need for people to carry change or worry about disrupting their downtown experience whilst having to run out to meters and pour more change into the slots. More importantly, the focus has been shifted to creating a revitalization strategy in the city that starts with parking. Parking is the required gateway that bridges the interactions between consumers and local businesses. If we can enhance these interactions, we will be increasing our city health for everyone involved.

HotSpot is a mobile app that allows drivers to pay for parking from their phone. The City of Fredericton ran the initial parking service pilot from August 6 to September 6 of 2013, which was extended until March 31, 2015. All meters, garages and lots in Fredericton are part of the project as well as 50 local businesses that are now able to provide greater in-store experiences for their valued customers.

In the early stages, HotSpot started as a text based service and overtime has evolved into an application available for IOS, Android and BlackBerry. Since then, with the help of city support and mentorship resources, HotSpot is delivering the following new feature set:

• “HotSpot’s Designated Driver” encourages safe choices and prevents parking tickets the morning after having a few drinks the night before.

• “HotSpot’s Extensions” allows users to override limits when attending important meetings also giving the business the ability to pay for valued clients directly from their desktop. • “HotSpot Intro’s” Provides business owners with important information about their valued customers so they may enhance each in-store experience and create personal and meaningful visits.

Fredericton is excited about the advancement of small startups across the city and is happy to have been coined the new “tech hub” of Atlantic Canada.With over 20 startups launched last year, we’re leading the way to creating our little niche as the perfect off the grid location to develop and scale world changing businesses.

Mike O'Brien,Councillor Ward: Three (Fulton Heights/North Devon Area)