HotSpot for Retail: Tap & Proximity Beacons

Our Parking Validation Solution allows merchants to easily provide their customers with free parking, enhancing the customer experience and increasing the time spent in store.

We've built two solutions to provide businesses with a customized service:


Reward customers with free parking after they’ve made a purchase.

HotSpot's Proximity Beacons from HotSpot Merchant Solutions on Vimeo.

This beacon was designed with the merchant in mind. When a customer visits a retail environment, they might look around for 30 minutes without actually buying anything. For some merchants, it doesn’t make sense to validate the parking of customers who aren’t buying anything.

What the Tap Beacon does is allow merchants to reward their customers with free parking after they’ve made a purchase.

Key Features:

  • Pre-determine the amount of parking you’d like to give your customers
  • Set a monthly parking validation maximum so you don’t go over budget
  • Choose what customers receive parking validation
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Make free parking part of the average customer visit to your store.

HotSpot's Tap Beacons from HotSpot Merchant Solutions on Vimeo.

Designed for effortless parking validation, the proximity beacon will allow you to provide free parking to any of your customers (seeing that they use the parking app).

With the ability to create custom events, you can go as broad as providing every person who walks in your door with 30 minutes of free parking to as precise as free parking for everytime "Joe Smith" visits.

Easily reward your VIP customers and the customers in your rewards program with free parking. With our business dashboard, you're able to easily customize parking events to meet your businesses needs. Allowing you to provide the best experience to those visiting your store.

Key Features:

  • Automated parking validation for your best customers
  • Build custom parking events from your business dashboard
  • Make parking validation a seamless experience
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