HotSpot Fall Updates 2016

Take your parking experience to the next level.

Here are 3 new ways to making parking easier:

HotSpot's update is an evolution: the next step towards making the world's best parking experience (proud to boast that it's right here in Atlantic Canada). The latest version of HotSpot Parking will provide the following features, for a low monthly fee of $2. These new features will be made available November 1st, 2016.

In-App Ticket Payments: We've all been guilty of it: getting parking tickets and pushing them aside until the very last minute. The very last minute that leaves us with increased ticket fines and a trip to the courthouse. Now, using HotSpot you can simply snap a photo, enter the ticket amount and we'll take care of the rest. *Be sure to snap a photo of your ticket as soon as possible to prevent expired tickets.

Parking Extender: In an effort to further support our downtowns, we'll be providing the parking extender feature to you more than once a month, and throughout your entire city. *Parking extender is activated when you may be multi-tasking, in a meeting, enjoying lunch etc. and forget to top up your HotSpot Parking.

Refund Parking: Gone are the days of losing leftover money to parking meters. The refund feature allows you to refund any money from parking sessions with leftover time on the clock.

And of course, the great features that we've come to know and love:

Ticket Resolution: Most problems in life come down to an error in communication. Not to panic, if you feel that you were issued a parking ticket when you shouldn't have been, the Hotspot team will look into the issue and aim to resolve it as quick as possible. Snap a photo of the ticket, and we handle the rest.

Business Validation Rewards: In our opinion, local businesses trump box stores with their ability to offer a personalized, authentic experience to their valued customer. Be sure to check out which local businesses near you offer parking validation rewards.

Atlantic-wide use: There's nothing quite like the Maritimes. While travelling across Atlantic Canada, the app is available for use in: Saint John, Moncton, Fredericton and Charlottetown.

Find-your-car: For those long days where seemingly simple reminders are the most important. The HotSpot app will locate your vehicle on a map and get you back on track and on the road.

*HotSpot Parking will be changing our $2/ monthly billing to occur the beginning of each month. This change will take into effect November 1st, 2016 As previously communicated, the $2 fee will be charged to all users with a HotSpot Parking Account every month.

*Users who have previously subscribed annually, will not be charged additional. If you'd like to discontinue your HotSpot account, you can simply login to your account dashboard online, or delete your information from the app.