Doubling Down - Adventures with HotSpot

I’ve been a tad quiet lately and I can assure you that is coming to an end (wanted to wait for new website). This will be part of a mini-series I build out around my adventures with HotSpot. Very short, very purposeful. I’ve been incredibly lucky thus far, and I hope to share the luck with you.

Let’s talk about technology:

Technology is unique. It allows new products, new experiences and more incredibly new business models. I’ve probably just listed the 3 hardest things to build in the world.

The future is defined by technology. However, people are terrible at recognizing the future. We are too complacent and have problems today we don’t realize we have. That’s incredible. The man with the USB had no idea how limited he was without Dropbox.

However, when you have a technology and you're building a company sometimes it’s hard to “dial in” the product as it may service a need you are unaware you have. So how do you recognize this? How do you possibly see the future when you don’t even know the problem?

Honestly, I don’t know; however I know how to get some Clarity. I’ve lived my life learning lessons. I’ve lived my life completing tasks. I’ve never lived my life building the future. No Student has. Ever since I can remember my future's been set. Finish grade 6, then grade 7, then university then get a degree. Then I'd figure it out. I'd never even worried about the future, much less try to build it.

So I go to the experts, people who have and continue to build companies. I show them what we have and ask for feedback. I call it doubling down on my strengths. School taught me how to learn fast, so hopefully I can learn their approach.

Never underestimate how oblivious you can be. Talk to people. Summer is excellent too, because all the smart people you usually don’t have access to are on vacation! They actually have more time on their hands and are able to lend an ear to help. I recommend everyone take advantage of this.

I’ll end this posts with a TL;DR (to long; didn’t read)

Do what you're good at: I’m good at learning.

Know what you're bad at: I’m bad at seeing the future

Figure out how to bridge that gap: Learn from experts who have built the future.

(I recommend you ask them in the summer time.)