Gain the metrics to justify Parking Validation

How do we use beacons to collect data, determining the best Parking Validation for a business?

It can be difficult to justify spending money without knowing what exactly the result of that spending might be. By collecting data to understand your customer behaviour more accurately, you’re able to make decisions backed with real and relevant data. How would knowing your exact ROI for every dollar spent alter your spending decisions? Significantly.


With our beacon-based parking validation solution, we are able to begin to understand your customers’ behaviours. Using bluetooth technology, our parking application interacts with the beacon inside a business the moment the customer arrives. This allows us to collect information, like how frequently your customers visit your store and their average time spent in-store.

We provide our businesses with weekly reports and live-data on both the app and web dashboard, sharing information collected around the customers behaviour.

Parking Events

By integrating this data into pre-made parking validation events, we’re able to give you an exact breakdown of what parking validation would cost for certain segments of customers.

For example:

On this screenshot, you can see events to give 30 minutes of free parking to either your top 20%, 50% or all customers. We know who these top customers are, by knowing their frequency of visits, or how often they visit your business. Along with this information, is a budget breakdown of approximately how much it will cost you to provide that parking validation.

Perhaps these pre-made events aren’t for you. We’ve developed a tool to allow you to customize your own parking events to meet your needs.

Firstly, who choose WHO the parking event is for:

  • New Customers
  • All Customers
  • Staff
  • Custom Group (VIP Customers, members of a reward program, whoever you’d like!)

Secondly, you will choose WHAT the event will be:

  • Message on customer entry
  • Alert me on entry
  • Give free parking

Lastly, you will choose WHEN this event will come into action:

  • Once per day
  • Once per week
  • Once per month
  • Every visit

To ensure that this level of customization is brought a level deeper, we allow multiple events to run at the same time.

What is the ROI?

By knowing the metrics of your customer visits, you’re not only able to justify why you should be spending money on parking validation, but build out the events that make the most sense for your business and customers.

More Time in Store

A study completed by a third-party organization concluded that validating customers parking resulted in a 13% increase in time spent in-store. This leaves your customers with more time to:

  • order another drink
  • buy dessert
  • actually purchase the shirt they tried on instead of running to the meter to avoid getting a parking ticket
  • enjoy meetings and not have them disrupted from something as simple as parking
Valued & Appreciated

Validation Scenario - User Persepctive

1.) You walk into a store and instantly get a notification to your phone that your parking has been validated by the business you’re visiting.

HotSpot's Proximity Beacons from HotSpot Merchant Solutions on Vimeo.

2.) You walk into a store, look at the merchandise and decide to purchase something. When you go to purchase your item, the sales associate asks you to tap your phone on the beacon, which is on a stand beside the cash register. You will instantly receive discounted parking.

HotSpot's Tap Beacons For Offices from HotSpot Merchant Solutions on Vimeo.

In both situations, you’re being rewarded for spending time with the business you’re visiting. What makes this experience so great is that the user doesn’t have to change their habits. The rewards happen naturally.

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