6 Article on Promoting Your Business With Video

It was not long ago that we watched video on a VCR and read about local stores in the newspaper; this is seldom the case today. As technology obliterates the limits on what we can do, consumers' preference for how and what they consume are changing.

Today, the video is king.

Just look at Facebook where feeds are overrun with auto-playing videos because users upload 300 hours of video to YouTube every minute!

If you are thinking about using video to promote your business you are not alone; in fact, the majority of advertisers on Google's ad platforms are small businesses.

At their best, videos can produce incredible results--Variety recently reported that the five most influential figures for teens are all YouTube stars. Now, creating videos may not get you mainstream celebrity, but it can be an effective channel to promote your business.

If it is so effective, why doesn't everyone do it? Well, because it is not easy. For the same reason that videos are useful (they stimulate multiple senses), they are incredibly hard to do well. Video production is hard, and you likely won't get it perfect the first time, but that does not mean you shouldn't give it a try. (If you do get it right the first time maybe you have a career waiting for you in Hollywood!)

We at HotSpot sometimes like to think we know everything, but then we touch back down on Earth and realize that was just wishful thinking. Today, in the spirit of humility, we've brought together some of the best articles on creating videos written by those who know a lot more than us about the subject.

Using how-to videos to promote your business by Vimeo


One of the easiest and most useful ways to promote your business is by using How-To videos to show potential customers what you know. This strategy is popular because customers often aren't sure what they need. Creating a How-To video will show them what they need, and where to get it. (hint: from you!)

This strategy is on display in all of the posts highlighted here. Each article we've curated for you is by one of the top video hosting companies around, and each one shows you how to do something.

How to scout a location for your video by Sprout


Of course you want to show off your store or restaurant, but what if you want one product in particular to pop? Unlike what your family always told you, what's on the outside does count.

The scene you set in your video is going to set the context for the product.

What to do with your hands when on screen by Wistia


Something so simple, but incredibly important: "what should I do with my hands?"

This article gives straightforward advice on a topic that plagues acting newbies everywhere. If you are going to be on camera, know what to do with your hands, so you don't distract the audience.

How small businesses can benefit from user-generated content by Sprout


We wrote previously on leveraging user-generated content on Instagram, well you can do the same with video.

Did you know you can let customers upload their videos (that you review of course) directly to your website? If you thought pictures engaged customers just wait 'till you get them creating videos for you!

Creating a killer product video by Vimeo


Sometimes you want to focus on a single product. Well, the more singular your focus, the more you have to be aware of the details. Vimeo's article gets right to the point, giving you nine tips on how to make your product stand out.

Using video and email together by Wistia


Why limit your views to website visitors. Technology provides us with the power to reach out to customers with even more powerful content. Don't keep videos hidden, include them in marketing emails to engage more customers and drive traffic to your website and store.