3 People you Should have in your Life

There are only 3 people you need in your life, I didn’t know this I just got lucky and found out.

Passionate People

I’m rather lucky. I’ve always been lucky. I’m lucky most to be part of a team that will work 50+ hours a week for free, when they could easily be making 80k and working 37 hours. That’s a pretty unique situation. It’s very common for me to have to remind them it’s the weekend and they can take a little break. It’s even more common for them to stay to finish that “one last thing”. I mean I have a few things left to do to but I’m lucky they are there.

Inspirational People

I’m rather friendly. I’ve always been friendly. I’m friendly most to people that are friendly back which oddly enough turns out to be the best type of people in the world. I’m lucky to have great friends that have changed the world. Have created amazing experiences, designed and completed ideas. I’m lucky that they spend the amount of time they do with me and I’m happy they will take my meetings and through a friendly process fix my idea. If you're reading this, I’d like to say thanks.

People that Don’t Believe in me.

I’m rather honest. I’ve always been honest, I’m honest most when I’m talking about my business. I honestly have had met people who have said “I don’t get it”, “Your idea’s dumb”. I’ve had people just get up and walk out on me before or not show up to meetings. These are honestly my favorite people. These are the people I think the most about. These are the people I learn the most from. These are the people that help me fix the most issues. My favorite person in the world’s name is David and he phoned up and said “Your website is shit” this week. Thanks David. I saved your number, I can't wait to call you back and get your feedback one this new website.

I really am just writing to let out a little bit of steam. We have some big things coming down the pipeline, and a long list of things to fix. I’ve had the luxury of playing here in Fredericton, and learning a large amount about a tiny community. However it’s time to leave the nest (or hatch) and soar.