HotSpot Fall Updates 2016

Take your parking experience to the next level. Here are 3 new ways to making parking easier: HotSpot's update is an evolution: the next step towards »

Gain the metrics to justify Parking Validation

How do we use beacons to collect data, determining the best Parking Validation for a business? It can be difficult to justify spending money without knowing »

HotSpot for Retail: Tap & Proximity Beacons

Our Parking Validation Solution allows merchants to easily provide their customers with free parking, enhancing the customer experience and increasing the time spent in store. We've »

HotSpot for Professional Services

In the world of professional services, the priority is to ensure that the visiting client or customer has a memorable and seamless experience. We've build out »

Parking Validation. Leveled Up.

What started through conversations with Perry, the Manager of IT for Toronto‚Äôs Parking Authority, quickly turned into an invaluable service for businesses, offices and restaurants »